Wordclock Frame

The original plan was to build the wordclock frame out of wood, this using a router and a drill. However i realised for the cost of a router i could  buy enough plastic filament to print my frame. My 3D printer can only print 20x20cm so I have decided too print 16 separate modules, one for each PCB. This would help follow my modular plan and in theory let me scale the whole face if i decided too.

The advantage of using my 3D printer is that i also get a lot higher accuracy and repeatability, something which can not be said for my woodwork skills, which are sketchy at best.

Below is the STL for a single printable module. I designed it using OpenSCAD as i’m quite comfortable with the scripting concept. As well as holding the PCB in place, the printed module also provides 16 cones, which act as light guides blocking each LED from interfering with the one next to it. This will help isolate each individual/ letter.

A module has a peg hole in each corner which allows the modules to be connected with each other. There is also a cable cutout which will allow the ribbon cables connecting the PCBs together to sit within the frame.

Below is a visualisation of the 16 modules side by side. (This Model can take a while to render!)
When sliced the estimation for printing is 6 hours per module. If i can print 2 modules a weekend it is going to take a while to get the whole frame. I should get the first one printed out soon!

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