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Printing a Pen Pot

At work my pens are always going missing. I’m not sure whether it is my forgetfulness or that of my colleagues. I’m not naturally a very organised person so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and create a pen pot with my RepRap Mendel.

I had a look through Thingiverse and found most of the pen pots quite boring. Then i saw some of the cool “Vases” available. This when scaled would make a really nice pen pot I thought!

5 hours later……

This is printed at 0.2mm layer height in PLA. Due to the single perimeter wall thickness and my printer not being entirely calibrated properly, bits of the print were hit by the heated nozzel which created some tear holes. Even with these holes I’m really quite happy with the outcome of this vase as its probably one of the nicest geometries I have printed!

I hope my pens don’t go missing now!

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