RGB Wordclock

As I have started the website half way through the development of this project, this may seem a bit disjointed!

There are a lot of wordclock examples around the internet ranging from small to large clocks. I really like there style & simplicity. When the clock is off its main functionality is completely hidden, unless you know what it is. For me the catalyst that convinced me to create my own was seeing http://www.elektronika.ba/841/word-clock/. There nothing particularly different about this wordclock until you see the menu system. Using the letters as pixels for a dot matrix display allows displaying of a lot more than just the time in letters. This for me is really exciting!

However to take full advantage of this matrix display ability and to make something a little different than other wordclocks, I decided to use RGB LED’s.

Initial Specification:

  • 16×16 RGB LED’s
  • Full PWM Control of each LED
  • 100Hz Refresh Rate
  • Wood & Glass Physical Construction
  • Beaglebone/Raspberry Pi Connected Abilities
  • ARM Cortex M3 controller for low level hardware control
  • Display Remote “Cube” (suggested by a work friend)
  • Software Simulator

A Lot of the features could be considered over engineered or unnecessary. However i want this to be a platform for skill building. Surface mount soldering, Embedded Programming, Linux Development and woodwork will all be involved.

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